“Rainbow Flythrough”
Lynda Benglis: "Rainbow Flythrough"
Lynda Benglis
“Rainbow Flythrough”

By Lynda Benglis


Over the course of her career, the groundbreaking Lynda Benglis has used materials as diverse as latex, polyurethane foam, lead, bronze, ceramic, and handmade paper to create pioneering works of art that exemplify her uniquely dexterous ability to move from one modality to another. Benglis’s innovative work in new media is equally recognized as trailblazing, so it comes as no surprise that she is once more at the fore with advanced digital processes like 3D printing and computer animation. The artist used those and others that push upon new technologies to create “Rainbow Flythrough.”


Date: 2019
Size: 36 x 36 inches
Medium: Epson SureColor print on UltraSmooth 100% cotton
Edition size: 18
Publisher: Benefit Print Project
Studio collaborators: Hank Saxe and Cynthia Patterson, Saxe-Patterson, Inc.
Digital Imaging Specialist: Alex Sanchez
Printed by: Fine Art New Mexico, LLC
Price on request