“Monika. Warsaw, 2018”
Alec Soth: "Monika. Warsaw, 2018"
Alec Soth
“Monika. Warsaw, 2018”

By Alec Soth


“Monika. Warsaw, 2018,” is an exemplary photograph from the artist’s acclaimed series, titled I Know How Furiously Your Heart Is Beating. According to Soth, in creating the color portraits and images of interiors that compose the series, “… I wanted to simply spend time looking at other people and, hopefully, glimpse their interior life… Whether a picture is made in Odessa or Minneapolis, my goal was the same: to simply spend time in the presence of another beating heart.”


Date: 2019
Paper size: 29 x 24 inches
Medium: Archival pigment print
Edition size: 30
Publisher: CITYarts in consortium with Benefit Print Project
Printed by the artist
Price: $3,500* (Price subject to change without notice.)