Fred Eversley

By Fred Eversley


In the artist’s aqueous Untitled, an image of a grid bends. The grid is simultaneously a wall of windows, and the metaphoric distortion of this primary visual structure indicates a suspension of predictable expression. In this fluid and strikingly colorful world, up is down and the other way around. This exemplary project continues Fred Eversley’s ongoing interest in creating a kinetic experience in a form that is otherwise non-kinetic. Because it was created to have more than one orientation, Untitled is also comprised of a unique hanging system that allows for it to be presented in multiple ways.


Date: 2021
Size: 34.5 x 34.5 x .875 inches, including cleat
Medium: Pigment print on reflective silver polyester film with gloss laminate mounted to reverse beveled dibond and hexagonal wood brace with beveled cleat
Edition size: 18
Publisher: Benefit Print Project
Produced by: Ribuoli Digital
Photos by: Tom Powel Imaging
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