“Kaaba Picture as a Misprint”
Hamra Abbas: "Kaaba Picture as a Misprint"
Hamra Abbas
“Kaaba Picture as a Misprint”

By Hamra Abbas


There is an aesthetic thread that connects the six intimate works of art that compose the portfolio; however, there can be no doubt that there is, additionally, a tremendous range within them. Two works that ably demonstrate this are Abbas’s hard-edge, graphic, “Kaaba Picture as a Misprint” and Poons’s very lyrical “Paw Up.” The latter is based on a drawing of the same name, and the print masterly produces a wide array of marks and gestures that could be a combination of aquarelle, markers, and pens. Barth’s contribution compliments Poons’s, and the colorful and powdery surface of Calame’s work is both similar to, and divergent from, the grisaille abstraction in Kallat’s enigmatic central image.


Date: 2022
Size: 13 x 11 inches
Medium: Epson Inkjet print with HDX Ultrachrome inks
Edition size: 30 *
Publisher: Triangle Arts Association in consortium with Benefit Print Project
Produced by: Ribuoli Digital
Price on request
* Available as a portfolio of prints with Frances Barth, Ingrid Calame, Jitish Kallat, and Larry Poons